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who do you think you're changing?

it's like trying to clean the ocean. what, do you think you can drain it?

11 September 1987
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I like doing things that are enjoyable; I also enjoy stuff that is fun; I like music that has lyrics, melodies, and sound; I like writing things with words; I also like writing things that people can read; I especially like writing things with sentences; I find things that are funny are quite hilarious; I think certain concepts and ideas are quite conceptual; I like a lot of things; I also like everything else; besides from all that, I think it's quite obvious; this is a really long sentence and it's even grammatically correct; isn't that amazing?

I believe we would all be better off without other people telling us what to do. I believe that deep down we are all beautiful people, but somewhere between social norms and the media, we all got confused and fucked up. I believe women are beautiful without makeup. I believe we all need to redefine beauty. I believe we should all sit down and get to know each other, instead of judging each other for how we present ourselves to the world. I believe this culture produces abused and insecure girls. I believe there are lots of fucked up things in this world, and we should all be actively trying to change those things.

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